imagen de letras las ramas en color blanco

The journey doesn’t end after leaving the dinghy. The realities that the people who decide to migrate have to face, once they move, are plural. The campsite in Las Raíces constitutes one of the stages of their journey but their paths head for other places. Destinations are prematurely blocked by the discriminatory policies on migration causing and they are not easily reached, as these people have to make many detours. In that way, the journey becomes more complex as it adds more stages and, at the same time, generates another type of human network.

Las ramas (The branches) talks about the story after the story, about migration as an unfinished project, as an action that is constantly subject to changes according to the opportunities, the obstacles and the functioning for each moment and for each place they arrive in.

In this regard, the protagonists see how their life projects either become true, collapse or adapt themselves to the changing situations they discover in every place they live.

How can one take root in a context of constant violation of human rights? Will it be real to find a propitious soil to take root or will it keep being a dream?

 This project is currently in progress and in search of funding and contributors. If you want to collaborate with it… You can contact us!

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